Ali Kamrani

Kamrani was born in Tehran in 1952. At the age of 18, he graduated from a private drama school. In 1971, he co-founded a theater ensemble and acted in plays written by playwright and actor Mahmood Ostad Mohammad and directed by Hooshang Tozie. In 1972, he began writing poems and songs. He wrote several songs for the singer Neli (Shamsi Ashtari, b. 1956), and Parviz Atabaki composed the music. Several songs, however, fell victim to censorship by SAVAK, the secret service of the monarchical dictatorship under Shah Reza Pahlavi, as did theater performances in which Kamrani participated. Likewise, the performance of a play about the poet, women’s rights activist, and theologian Fatemeh Baraghani (Qurrat al-ʿAyn, 1814/17-1852), directed by the playwright and theater scholar Khojasteh Kia, was banned in 1974. The following year Kamrani appeared in the film “Agar Bargi Narizad” by Jahangir Saheli (1936-2007). 

He has an intense artistic collaboration with actor and director Farhad Majdabadi. Following the example of the theater group of the same name in New York, Majdabadi founded a Living Theater in Tehran in 1972, which realized world premieres and incorporated improvisation into its work. In 1979 Kamrani moved to Germany and participated as an actor in Persian-language productions on various occasions. In 1985, he was an actor in the play “Otello dar sarzamin-e ʿajayeb” (Othello in Wonderland) by Gholam-Hossein Saedi, which was directed by Nasser Rahmaninejad and performed in London. There Kamrani was also an actor in productions by playwright and poet Iraj Janatie Ataie, with guest performances in other European cities. From 1989 he worked again together with Farhad Majdabadi, the theater group realized performances in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Hanover and from 1995 at the Iranian Theater Festivals in Cologne and Heidelberg. In 2018 Kamrani was an actor in the production “Clever Feelings” by actress, filmmaker and author Maryam Zaree, directed by Niels Bormann at Berlin’s Theater Hebbel am Ufer.

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