Haleh Redjaian

Redjaian, born 1971 in Frankfurt am Main, is a visual artist. She studied art history at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and continued her studies in drawing and printmaking and then in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She completed her studies in fine arts at the University of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In Berlin she worked for eight years as an assistant to the well-known Venezuelan artist Arturo Herrera. Her works have been shown in solo exhibitions, including in the Federkiel Foundation in Munich and in the Museum for Concrete Art in Ingolstadt, as well as in group exhibitions in the municipal gallery in Bietigheim-Bissingen and in the project room of Alte Feuerwache in Berlin. In her line drawings on paper, on hand-woven carpets and in her expansive installations, Redjaian combines the geometric tradition of western modernism with Persian ornamentation. Although Redjaian often draws her lines on paper with a ruler, on the carpets and in her room installations with straight, taut threads, her work also relies on the disruption and consequently inadequacy of the grid pattern, an orderly system. 


Klangteppich V

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