Hans Unstern

Hans Unstern have been making music, concerts, poetry, performances, art and musical instruments since 2008. They worked together with musicians like Els Vandeweyer, Paula Sell, Milian Vogel, PC Nackt or Anna Viechtl, and in theater productions, among others by Gintersdorfer/Klaßen. Unstern sings their own songs and plays harps, which are built together with Simon Bauer. The second album “The Great Hans Unstern Swindle” was released in 2012, with Tucké Royale and producer Black Cracker, Unstern released “The Year I Broke My Voice” in 2017 as Boiband. The 2020 radio play “The Revolution will be injected” by Orlando Boeykens, Tucké Royale and Hans Unstern won awards. In the same year, Unstern’s album “Diven” was released. For Klangteppich V Unstern and Samira Memarzadeh realize their “liminal practice”.

Klangteppich V

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