Jaleh Negari

Negari was born in Iran in 1983 and relocated to Denmark at the age of three. She is one of the two drummers of the free jazz and noise band Selvhenter from Copenhagen.She began playing drums at the age of sixteen, studied Persian literature and culture at the University of Copenhagen and completed her studies in composition and music production in 2018 at the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.Negari is a founding member of the artists’ collective Eget Værelse (A Room of One’s Own), which was founded in 2010, runs its own label and organizes events. Her first solo album “Arch Waves” was also released there. She has performed at the Roskilde Festival, the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, the Glastonbury Festival and Iceland Airwaves, and toured Japan twice with Selvhenter. Negari gave workshops in songwriting for girls and in sound art for artists in Denmark and Sweden.She has developed her own method for translating field recordings into graphic notations, which in turn are the basis for new compositions, she calls Edit-In-Recorder (E.I.R.). For this she also uses field recordings from Iran, which she recorded herself, she works together with instrumentalists and creates special environments for exhibition spaces in which the reciprocal relationship between sound art and drawings can be experienced. E.I.R. was premiered at Klangteppich II together with the electronic musician Arash Pandi and the bass player Derek Shirley. The guest performance was funded by the Danish Arts Foundation.

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