Kira de Picciotto

Kira de Picciotto is a graduate designer, she lives in Berlin and is a member of the feminist collective slut.zine. She studied textile design at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, learning various craft techniques. Drawing she expresses herself analog and with digital media and concentrates in her textile works on weaving, which she deepened during her work in the design studio “Ettna”. Through her 6-year stay in Namibia during her teenage years, she is shaped by examining diversity, societies and nature, which carries over into her textile design. She sees textile design not only as a decorative design tool, but also as a way to aesthetically draw attention to topics. Thus, her projects often have a political or social thematic background, which is translated into the textile. Colors and haptics play an essential role in creating a tactile and interesting experience in their application. For Klangteppich V she creates “Loom” together with the sound artist Iman Jesmi.


Klangteppich V

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