Pejman Jamilpanah

Jamilpanah was born in Kermanshah, he studied music and composition in Tehran. He then graduated in music production and sound engineering from the Academy of Sound, Tehran. In 2002 he opened his first own recording studio “Jamilpanah”, by 2011 he was able to start six more recording studios in Tehran. He received regular commissions from the Iranian Broadcasting Corporation IRIB (Broadcasting of the Islamic Republic of Iran) for compositions, music and video productions or voice recordings. Jamilpanah produced his own CDs and commissioned works for other musicians, Youtube productions for artists living abroad and wrote arrangements for composer and pianist Anoushiravan Rohani. He also worked as a music teacher for tar, setar and pop guitar, as well as music theory, composition and singing. He has been living in Germany since 2015, since 2016 he is musician, composer and singer at “Bridges – Musik verbindet” in Frankfurt/Main, an initiative that brings together musicians with and without immigration biographies. He plays tar, setar and sings in the Bridges Orchestra, in the ensembles Hope and Blue Mango.

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