Tanasgol Sabbagh

Tanasgol Sabbagh, Born in Amol, Iran, brought up in Germany, is a Berlin-based artist and poet who has been professionally performing spoken word pieces for over a decade. Her work situates itself between stage and page poetry and takes shape in form of embodied performances, audio pieces, video installations and musical collaborations.

In 2017, together with Temye Tesfu, Jacinta Nandi, Zoe Hagen and Jokaa, she co-founded the artist collective parallelgesellschaft, an event series dedicated to exploring the spectrum of the creative and the political beyond the standards of German dominant culture. Together with poet Josefine Berkholz she founded and hosts the auditive literature magazine Stoff aus Luft launching in February 2022: A format that tries to examine the poetics of spoken and sound-based literature, rendering it more visible outside the often restricting frame of print.

Besides her creative work Tanasgol teaches poetry and gives workshops for creative writing.


Klangteppich V

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