Yaser Bayat

Yaser Bayat is a composer and musician, he plays kamancheh, santur, setar and the percussion instruments daf and tonbak. He has been living in Berlin since 2021.

Bayat was a lecturer and researcher at the University of Tehran, he also directed several music schools. Among others, he worked with the Shahnazi Ensemble for classical Iranian music and founded his own ensemble “Zarb-e Awa”, with which he gave concerts in many Iranian cities and Indonesia. With other groups he performed on stage in Poland, Armenia, Italy, Qatar, Turkey and Germany. As a composer and musician, he participated in more than 60 theatre performances. He published scientific articles on the kamancheh in the music of Luristan, of Turkmen and in theater music. For Klangteppich V he dedicates himself to the music of Luristan in „Ilyad”.


Klangteppich V

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