Metal Theatre: Aftermath

Metal Theatre: Aftermath celebrates the music of Nikan Khosravi, frontman of the metal band Confess, in a unique and fierce setting. Nikan, together with Milad, Isabel, Feline and Brendan, will be performing shared experiences of turmoil, resistance and poetics rising from the ashes. The artists, who are working together for the first time, find common ground in how they perceive what’s happening in their immediate surroundings and how they look on global matters. Carsta transforms the performers into truly glorious stage characters in her costumes. You can expect memorable riffs, intense improvisations, dense experiences of noise and voices from whispering to screaming. Not only for metal-heads, but for everyone who enjoys the compelling forces of sound.

Klangteppich V

Magazine Launch
Thu, June 8 from 5:30 pm - Tickets
Fri, June 9 from 7:00 pm - Tickets
Box office 15 €,
reduced 12 €,
Festival ticket 25 €