Partner Klangteppich III

Studentendorf Schlachtensee

The Studentendorf Schlachtensee is a landmarked residential complex in the Berlin district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The building and garden monument is a testimony to the transition period after the Nazi dictatorship. The Studentendorf Schlachtensee eG cooperative was founded in 2002 to preserve the complex, which was in acute danger at the time (1959-64). Thanks to the cooperative’s many years of commitment, the student village was renovated in several stages and carefully modernized, also from an ecological point of view. In 2020, the cooperative and Berlin architect Winfried Brenne received the German Prize for Monument Protection, the highest award for monument preservation in Germany, presented by the German National Committee for Monument Protection (DNK).


The Noiselab festival was founded in 2018, the same year as Klangteppich. It is dedicated to experimental and electronic music at the interface of contemporary sound art and offers a common framework for improvisational musicians, sound tinkerers, electronic inventors and performance artists who want to present their non-commercial art and sound practice to a broad public and develop it collectively. One more reason to cooperate, especially in times when spaces and initiatives for experimental music and cross-genre collaborations are endangered. The artist in residence, Hadi Bastani, is a guest at Noiselab 2021, and in return two artists of the festival are invited to create a performance at Klangteppich III.

Noise a Noise – Tehran

Noise a Noise is an independent, artist-run label and platform for experimental and noise music artists founded 2019 in Tehran. It operates on the basis of articles of association and a code of conduct with the purpose of expanding the national and international exposure and exchange of artists, acting as a multiplier in order to foster stronger connections among the music scenes in the country and as an advocate for artists’ interests. It does so by constantly building up a community of like-minded people and supporters, releasing albums and compilations presenting various artists and by cooperating with initiatives and partner organizations abroad.


Norient is an audio-visual gallery and a community of practices for the sound of the world: For contemporary music, quality journalism, cutting-edge research, projects and events like the Norient Film Festival (NFF). Norient conceives music, sound, and noise as seismographs of our time, facilitates space and place for thinkers and artists from currently fifty countries to tell new and different stories of the now and tomorrow. The goal is to support (sub)cultural diversity, broaden horizons, and open up dialogue across people, continents, and disciplines.

was founded in Berlin in 2019. The platform curates, produces, distributes and licenses live videos of outstanding performances and artists. The videos with high fidelity sound and high definition video quality invite to discover Berlin’s diverse music landscape. is independent, non-commercial and self-financed. It realizes digital premieres and concerts for festivals, radio stations and music streaming services; since May 2020, has worked for Deutschlandfunkultur, WDR Cosmo, Reeperbahn Festival, Eurosonic Festival (NL) and Citizen Jazz (FR), among others. You can subscribe to the channel on Youtube and donate to enjoy the music.