Lizzy grew up near Hanover in Lower Saxony and has been living in Berlin since 2005. She studied jazz drumming at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse in Paris. In duo with the Berlin saxophonist Edith Steyer she explores electroacoustic music, she also plays in the electronic trio Col.Decker and in the Center Trio, together with bassist Marcel Krömker and pianist Eike Wulfmeier. She has also been playing drums in bands from Drum ‘n’ Bass to Swing and in musicals. In collaboration with fashion-tech designer Maartje Dijkstra, robotic engineer Ahmad Taleb and product designer Ana Albertini Dantas, Lizzy developed the 3D DrumDress, a dress in which she can dance, sing and play drums at the same time using electronic MidiPads. With her trio Lizzy.Berlin with saxophonist and guitarist Kati Brien and Sissi Plückhan on bass and synth, Lizzy played a tour in Africa in May 2019. In the same year she was part of the happening “There is only one peach with a hole in the middle” by the musician and artist Peaches at the summer festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg. For Klangteppich II she played together with the synth-jazz duo uon for the first time.

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