Klangteppich I

Salon am Moritzplatz
June 22-23, 2018

The first edition of the festival presented six world premieres, and the Berlin artists worked together for Klangteppich for the first time. The focus was on the Iranian lute tar as a solo instrument, in combination with live visuals and as a companion to flutes, ney and percussion, the spiked fiddle kamancheh and tabla set off on the paths of the Silk Road. The ornamentation of classical Persian singing oscillated in digital sound synthesis, storytelling in Azerbaijani entered into a dialogue with contemporary interpretations of Persian poetry.

Funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH


Cymin Samawatie – Vocals/Piano
Hamid Saneiy – Storytelling/Vocals

Alireza Mehdizadeh – Kamancheh
Renu Hossain – Tabla/Cajon

Ali Choolaei – Tar Solo

Elshan Ghasimi – Tar
Neda Ahmadi – Live Visuals

Pari San:
Parissa Eskandari
 – Vocals
Paul Brenning – Beatboxing/Synth

Ali Choolaei – Tar
Valentina Bellanova – Ney/Flutes
Renu Hossain – Tabla/Cajon

Farahnaz Hatam – Electronics
Hani Mojtahedy – Vocals