Zhina Ardalan was born in Tehran in 1996. At the age of thirteen she started playing electric guitar. In 2016 she founded her first band The Finches, together with three other young women. They play indie rock and have gained a lot of fans and recognition from colleagues in the so-called underground scene of Tehran. In the band Ardalan plays guitar and sings, she also designs the public imagery of the band: photos in which the women can be seen self-determined without veils or with wigs in the midst of a playful punk aesthetic that protects their identity. Ardalan completed her studies in visual communication and interactive graphics at the Islamic Azad University in Tehran in 2019 and was awarded the photography prize of the Fajr Visual Arts Festival in the same year. She works as a graphic and sound designer, writes and produces her own music. Ardalan co-founded the electro-rock band Stereotype at the end of 2019, since then she has also been active with her solo project Xeen.


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