Shaahin Peymani

Peymani was born in Tehran in 1990. He has been studying textile engineering at universities in Tehran and composition at the Tehran Conservatory of Music. Since 2013 he has been working with field recordings and as a sound engineer, composing music for animated and experimental short films, and since 2015 he has been realizing his own audiovisual installations. Peymani is co-founder of LAN Ensemble, which performed at Tehran Contemporary Music Festival and art galleries in 2017. He gave workshops on sound and experimental animation at Tehran University of the Arts in 2019, and workshops on sound art at Bidar School for Art and Literature in 2020/21. Works by Peymani have been exhibited online by New Media Caucus, based in Evanston/US and by The Mosaic Rooms, based in London/UK in 2020, at the contemporary art center Espace Croisé in Roubaix/FR in 2021 and at Poşe Artist Space Istanbul in 2019. Since 2019, Peymani has been living in Berlin and is completing his M.A. in Sound Studies at the University of the Arts.

Klangteppich V

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